Pinky Cosmetic 凝膠美甲貼(#GN15_海豚)_PC111


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適合4歲以上兒童使用 For 4 years old or above 成份 Ingredients: 聚氨酯Polyurethane, 紫外線固化樹脂 UV curable resin , 聚乙烯 Polyethylene ,指甲挫 Nail file 韓國制造Made in Korea 使用方法 / Instructions : 1. 指甲小的兒童,把指甲貼紙切成兩半的話,可以使用兩次。 The nail sticker can cut in half and it can beused twice if small nails. 2.使用酒精片劑或消毒酒精去除指甲油及油脂。 Use alcohol tablets or sanitizing alcohol to remove nail polish and grease. 3. 選一個貼紙貼在指甲上。 Choose a sticker and stick it on nail. 4. 用指甲銼的砂紙部分剪掉多餘的指甲貼。 Cut out using the sandpaper portion of the nail file. 5.請不要長時間黏貼,建議約5日後撕掉 Please do not stick it for a long time, it is recommended to tear it off after about 5 days 注意事項Caution: 1. 使用時, 請家長陪同使用 Pls be accompanied by parents when using it 2. 使用後請蓋好,放在兒童不能接觸的地方. Pls keep it out of reach of children & cover it after use. 3. 避免存放在陽光直接照射的地方. Avoid storing in direct sunlight. 4.如皮膚出現敏感,請停止使用 If the skin becomes sensitive, please stop using it.